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2018 - Rocky Mountain School of Acupressure and Massage 

*Therapeutic Equine Massage

*Equine Sports Massage

*Advanced Equine Massage

2018 - Reiki I

2018 - Kinesiology Taping

 *Rock Tape

2019 - Reiki II

2019 - Equilibrium  

*Phototherapy/Cold Laser


2019-2021 The Equine Institute    

*Equine Fascial Integration Therapy Practitioner

2022-2023 Mike Scott Saddle Fit and Flocking Certification Program

*Certified Saddle Fitter 


I started riding hunters when I was 14.  From there I eventually switched to dressage. I attended Lake Erie College for an equestrian degree in Ohio before I settled on being a paramedic. I showed all over the midwest with my dutch warmblood Schimmel before I started working with younger horses. I have started several horses but found my nitch is working with horses who have been misunderstood. I had the privilege of working and training with many FEI level trainers. I then started my journey of self discovery with horses and trying to understand why some horses struggled with the work more than others. Through many years and many avenues I explored movement, energy, balance and healing and found like minded people. All of these experiences have helped develop my touch and knowledge for how to help horses now. This allows me to provide multiple forms of therapy to improve performance, balance, identify problem areas as well as educating the client how to maintain and support the horse. I have attended reputable schools with a science base education in equine therapies. I also stay up to date with new and current information and utilize high tech tools to support my therapies as needed. My combination of therapies have lasting effects compared to other common therapy options.



If your horse is sick for any reason and on antibiotics or steroids. We would not want to further spread the infection. 
If your horse has a fever. 
Over open wounds or blisters. (unless cleared by a vet first)
Over areas of cancer. (unless cleared
 by a vet first)
Over recent fractures (unless cleared by a vet first)

Did you know that there are 5 scientifically validated effects that phototherapy have on living tissues?


1. Accelerating Tissue Repair. The light used in cold laser therapy increases energy cellular synthesis of ATP (like photosynthesis when light energy is converted into chemical energy) So it is increasing the amount of energy available to the cells which allows cells to perform more readily. quicker healing time means less scar tissue.


2. Faster Collagen Formation. Collagen production is necessary for tissue repair. Again faster collagen production equals less scar tissue. 


3. Increased Production of Endogenous Painkillers. Endorphins resemble opiates which provides the function as natural pain killers by producing analgesia.


4. Increased Lymphatic Drainage. Phototherapy temporarily dilate the lymphatic ducts allowing for more efficient waste removal. 


5. Increased Vascularization. Increases blood flow to tissues which increases blood vessel formation over wounds, superficially and deeper. (muscles and tendons)


I will arrive at your barn at the time of our scheduled appointment. I will have you introduce me to your horse where we can discuss any concerns or questions and have you fill out some paperwork if you have not already. (intake form)  The massage could take anywhere from 45-120 minutes. At the end of the session I will ask that the horse have an opportunity to walk around (if he is in a stall). I use a mixture of therapies when working with your horse. I typically listen to what the horse is telling me and between that and the history provided it helps to determine what type of therapy to use. There is no change in fees regardless of what therapy or combination I use. 


I incorporate different therapies within a session depending on what your horse requires/responds to.  

Standard Session- 75$

Reoccurring Scheduled Sessions. 65$

BEMER only 35$

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