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Saddle Fitting Evaluations and Flocking. 

Belle Cheval Therapy is happy to now offer saddle fitting evaluations, flocking and saddle repair options. 


Belle Cheval Therapy is an Independent Certified Saddle Fitter. Fittings can be done for English or Western style Saddles. 


Saddle Repair

Flocking Services

Bridle and Bit Fit Evaluation

Saddle Fitting and Evaluation

A Saddle Fit and Evaluation can take about 2 hours. During the evaluation we will look at your current saddle and or optional saddles. We will check the fit of the saddle for the horse as well as the rider. Please be prepared to ride your horse during the evaluation. Balanced reflocking done at this time for as needed for 50$ or a balanced shimming. 

A Bridle and Bit evaluation will look at your current bridle and bit as well as other bridles and bits to find the optimal fit for your horse. Please be prepared to ride your horse during the evaluation. 

*Rebalancing Flocking

*Complete Reflocking

only high quality clean wool or synthetic wool used. (depends on your saddle)

*Billet Replacement

*Air Panel to Wool Panel Conversions

*Minor Repairs 

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