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Kinesiology Tape was invented in 1970 by a Japanese chiropractor names Kenzo Tase. Kinesiology tape differs from conventional tape in that it stretches along the longitudinal axis. This is what gives it the unique supportive quality. It allows support during exercise without restricting motion. 


Kinesiology Tape decompresses the skin and interacts with the neurosensory receptors.  When applied to a horse the tape lifts the hair. This promotes increased blood and lymph flow and decreased inflammation. Kinesiology taping also works with proprioception. It tells the brain where the body's parts are in space and in movement. Proprioceptive input is altered in people and animals due to past injuries and misalignments. Kinesiology tape can stimulate proper proprioception and in turn promote proper movement. 


Kinesiology tape can be left on for 5-7 days. The tape I use is waterproof and safe to used while riding.


 When removing the tape make sure to peel it back and following the hair lay.

Benefits Of kinesiology Taping

*Improves circulation

*supports muscles

*encourages healing

*prevent injury of further injury

kinesiology tape
Belle Cheval Kinesiology Taping
Belle Cheval Kinesiology taping
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